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Congratulations to Hunter, Marilyn, Bill and Stuart McGraw, the Ozekis and Garnett Thompson. Hunter has won 13 BIS's in Japan. Marilyn handled "Hunter" to BIS at the 2010 FCI Japan Intl show this past weekend. This is the largest show in Japan. Hunter set a record as this was his 5th FCI Best in Show.

Genji won this show last year with another Borzoi, the beautiful "Piper", bred by Cindi Gredys, which also set a record, as no owner has ever won the show in consecutive years. Marilyn is the first American to have won BIS in 17 years as well! A record-breaking day! Chances are good that Hunter will be coming to Eukanuba in December as the World Challenge Representative too.

Saturday, April 11, 2009
BCNC Spring Specialty results
Sunburst Blaze-Away - Winner’s Dog
(18 Dogs entered  1 absent, 4 points)
Breeders:  Garnett Thompson & Stuart McGraw   
By:  Ch V’Indra’s O’Keefe Of Sunburst   x
DC Sunburst Halston At Thistledown, SC 
Owner:  Garnett Thompson


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Blesk J. P. Morgan Destiny Odessa Shaphire
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Shadrack Opus Maverick Zoya Rocky


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Sunburst's Media Celebrity:

Rocky finished 5th in the Santa Barbara State Street mile race and has attracted photographers and TV cameras ever since. Click here for photos.   Sunburst McKenzies Nobility "Rocky" has been named San Diego Track Club's Dirt Dog Series Official Mascot

San Diego Track Club is the largest running club in San Diego with over 1300 members. Rocky has been featured on KUSI's morning program on Channel 9 and in San Diego Track Club's newsletter. Rocky is appearing at the Spring Road race series runs. TV footage and photos coming soon! Click here to see a closeup of Rocky's medals:
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